Information or a logo on a metal label

Focks Labels produces a wide range of metal labels in various metals, sizes and finishes for all kinds of purposes, for example:

  • Nameplates, control panels and support plates for machines, cars, ships;
  • Nameplates, logo labels and dome labels for product branding (for bags, clothes hangers or furniture e.d.);
  • Barcode labels, number labels for inventory control in warehouses;
  • Personalised name badges for network meetings;
  • Inspection stickers, safety or warning ┬ásigns for factories;
  • Signage

Do you need nameplates in a large or small size or quantity, in metal or other engraving material, with personalised data, ascending numbers or uniques codes? We specialise in developing the ideal label that meets all of your requirements. Take a look at our product overview.

Product overview

Barcode label, anodized aluminium, unique code per label
Barcode and QR code labels
Inspection stickers
Inspection stickers
Medal, anodized aluminium
Control panel
Control panels
Metal name badge, AluSub aluminium, with magnet
AluSub, aluminium
Support plate
Support plates
Infomation sign, anodized and engraved aluminium
Nameplate stainless steel, etched and lacquered in black, machine punched, with adhesive.
Nameplates (product branding)
Nameplate, anodized aluminium, with holes for mounting, printed in 2 colors, abrasion and chemical resistant
Nameplates (industrial)
Aluminium scale, engraved and milled holes
Number label for IHC, anodized aluminium
Number labels
Aluminum cast warning symbol
Warning symbol