Barcode labels

Barcode labels and QR-code labels

Barcodes, data matrix codes en QR-codes have many applications in the industry; for product identification, to keep track of equipment, for inventory control in warehouses. Barcode labels must be able to withstand wear, damage and chemicals (such as cleaning agents or lubricants).  Focks Labels can provide you with very durable inventory tags, ID tags and inspection labels.

Materials we mainly use for the fabrication of barcode labels are:

  • ‘AluSub’ aluminium
  • Anodized aluminium
  • Resopal engraving material
  • Stainless steel

We can generate barcodes and QR-codes

We can generate the barcodes, QR codes and Datamatrix codes for your labels based on your input. In addition we can print a unique code on every single tag, as well as ascending numbers and even non consecutive numbers.

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Examples of QR code en barcode labels

QR code label for stadium seats, anodized aluminium, abrasion resistant
QR code label (for seats)
Data matrix code label for shipping containers, AluSub aluminium
Data matrix code (for containers)
Barcode label for equipment in fire trucks, Resopal
Barcode label (for firetrucks)
QR code sign for walking route, stainless steel
QR code signage