Nameplates (industrial)

Nameplates (industrial)

Focks Labels produces durable industrial nameplates and asset tags for machines and equipment. We offer a wide range in materials, printing and finishing techniques and mounting methods. The metal nameplates are fully customized and we are able to produce in small and large quantities. Materials that are often used for metal labels are: aluminium, stainless steel, plated alloys, polycarbonate and brass. Focks Labels can advise you on the best solution for your product.

Varying data

During the manufacturing process we can engrave or print varying data on the nameplates. The best techniques are laser engraving and a special full colour printing technique. This sublimation ensures that the layout is abrasion resistant in the topcoating of the aluminium. Since it is a full colour printing system, we can not only print the data but also your company logo in full colour without any extra costs.
Examples of varying data:

  • Sequential numbers;
  • Non consecutive numbers;
  • Bar codes;
  • QR codes;
  • Type or model names.

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Examples of nameplates

Nameplate, 6 mm cast aluminium
Cast aluminium
Nameplate, anodized aluminium, engraved and lacquered in black, with holes for mounting
Aluminium, engraved
Nameplate aluminium, embossed
Aluminium, embossed
Nameplate anodized aluminium, full colour printing
Aluminium, printed
Nameplate, black anodized aluminium, engraved
Aluminium, laser engraved
Nameplate, AluSub aluminium, with ascending serial numbers
AluSub aluminium
Nameplate stainless steel, etched and lacquered, with holes for mounting
Stainless steel, etched
CE nameplate, stainless steel, engraved and lacquered, with holes for mounting
Stainless steel, engraved