Nameplates (product branding)

Name plates (product branding)

Focks Labels makes customized nameplates for product branding. Metal is an appealing surface for a professional logo label that you can attach to your products. We can offer you every possible combination of materials, printing techniques and finishes to create a striking nameplate to perfectly fits your brand identity.

A nameplate for product branding should obviously be very distinctive, but we also consider things like durability, mounting and other technical or hygienical requirements and off course your budget.

We can process materials such as:

  • ‘AluSub’ aluminium (very well suited for small quantities)
  • Anodized aluminium;
  • Copper;
  • Brass;
  • Nickel silver;
  • PU-coating (dome stickers / dome labels)
  • Stainless steel;
  • Stickers / vinyl in many varieties

Check out our examples to get an impression of the possibilities. We can’t show every combination here on our website. Contact us to talk about your needs and we can send you some samples.

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Examples of nameplates / logo labels

Nameplate brushed AluSub aluminium, printed in black, abrasion resistant in transparent top coating, with 3M468 adhesive
AluSub aluminium
Nameplate AluSub aluminium, brushed, full colour printed, abrasion resistant in the transparant top coating, 3M468 adhesive.
AluSub aluminium
Nameplate stainless steel, etched
Stainless steel, etched
Nameplate stainless steel engraved, machine punched.
Stainless steel, engraved
Nameplate, anodised aluminium, printed in 2 colours, with 3M468 adhesive
Aluminium, printed
Nameplate cast aluminium
cast aluminium
Nameplate aluminium engraved
Aluminium engraved
Nameplate aluminium embossed and brushed
Aluminium embossed & brushed
Nameplate brass, printed, machine punched, with hole.
Brass, printed
Nameplate brass, etched and lacquered in black, with holes for mounting
Brass, etched
Nameplate brass embossed
Brass, embossed
Nameplate brass engraved, contour milled, with hole.
Brass engraved
3D metal logo for Koga bicycles, glossy silver look nickel plated, with adhesive and transfer foil for application.
3D metal
Nameplate matte polycarbonate, reverse side printed in 3 colours (abrasion resistant), 3M468 adhesive
Nameplate titanium engraved and chemically coloured.
Titanium engraved
Nameplate cast zinc alloy, silver matte nickel plated.
Cast zinc alloy
Domed label carbon look
Domed label carbon look
Domed label gold foil, glossy finish
Domed label gold
Domed label chrome foil, glossy finish
Domed label chrome
Domed label special shape, wax seal effect
Domed label special shape