About Focks Labels

About Focks Labels

We specialize in custom metal nameplates

Focks Labels makes metal labels and nameplates since 2012. There are many materials, printing and finishing techniques and ways to mount labels. It is not easy to choose the metal and techniques that are best suited for your product. We can give you expert advice and can find very creative solutions.

We offer a wide range in techniques and materials

There are many printers and metal workers for the production of nameplates, but they all specialize in a certain technique or a particuliar material. They can have a machine for large quantities only, or can produce only small amounts of labels for instance. It is not possible for one company to possess all the machines necessary to apply every technique to every metal. That means that you would have to search for the right supplier that can make a nameplate that meets your requirements. Focks Labels is our one-stop-shop for all metal labels.

Combination of our own production facilities and those of our partners

In addition to our own production facilities we have a very large network of partners in various countries. We know exactly what their field of expertise is and due to our efficient cooperation, we are able to offer you a wide range of solutions and can make you an advantageous offer.