Control panels

Control panels

The information on control panels for machines and other devices must be abrasion resistant and readable for long periods of time. This makes it a lot easier to operate the machines, and it is also very beneficial to the safety of the workforce operating these machines. The panels are completely customized so we can allow for cutouts for operating buttons, gages, displays or touchscreens. For the fabrication of control panels we utilize metals like aluminium en stainless steel. Focks Labels is strongly represented in mechanical engineering, bodywork construction and ship-building industries.

A relatively new printing technique is digital full colour printing in the transparant anodized coating of the aluminium surface. This technique offers you several advantages, such as;

  • Option to print varying data on the panels  (e.g. serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes);
  • Since the layout is printed in the coating, it is scratch and abrasion resistant;
  • By using multiple colours you can communicate the import information much more efficiently. This makes it easier and safer for people to operate the machines.


We can also make a design in our computer programmes so we can easily generate the necessary printing files fort he production of control panels.


We can drill holes in the panels or provide them with a strong adhesive and if desired a support plate.

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Examples of control panels

Control panel for equipment, aluminium, printed in full colour, with 3M468 adhesive
Aluminum, printed, full colour
Control panel, aluminium, engraved
Aluminium, engraved
PU-coated control panel (dome label)
PU-coated (dome label)
Control panel, Resopal, engraved
Resopal, engraved
Control panel, stainless steel, engraved
Stainless steel, engraved