Support plates

Support plates

Metal support plates for control panels are usually made of anodized aluminium. Cutouts for operating buttons, gages, displays or touchscreens can be milled in 3D, to obtain a perfect fit to the machine or device. After the milling process we can anodize all around the plate again to protect the edges from corrosion.

Various mounting methods

The support plates can be fitted with an industrial adhesive (3M), welding bolts and/or holes for secure mounting.

Control panels

Focks Labels also provides for the production of control panels that can be mounted on the support plates.
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Examples of support plates

Support plate with press bolts, black anodized aluminium
Black anodized aluminium (press bolts)
Support plate, anodized aluminium (reverse side), with welding bolts for mounting
Anodized aluminium (welding bolts)