Name badges

Aluminium name badges

A metal name badge has a very professional appearance. For the fabrication of personalised name badges we use our AluSub aluminium. The layout is printed in the topcoating and due to this printing technique it is scratch resistant. Company logos, staff member names and even photos can be printed in full colour to create name badges that match your corporate identity.

We deliver the badges with very strong magnets so the badges can be attached without damage to the clothing. These magnets are however not recommended for people with a pacemaker. In this case we can deliver the badge with a pin.

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Examples of name badges

Metal name badge, AluSub aluminium, with magnet
AluSub, aluminium
Name badge for business network meetings, brushed aluminium
Brushed AluSub aluminium
Name badge, white AluSub aluminium, printed in multiple colours
White AluSub aluminium