Printing and finishing techniques

There are a lot of techniques that can be used in the production of nameplates and metal labels for your product, machine or device. Which technique is best suited depends mainly on the purpose of your label. It is also import to know if there are any hygienic or safety requirements, if the nameplate is exposed to UV radiation and/or seawater. And off course the appearance, quantity and budget must be taken into account.


We can give you an overview of the most applied printing techniques, surface treatments, finishes and mounting methods. If all of these do not meet your requirements, we will find a different solution.

Printing techniques and surface treatments

  • anodizing
  • matting
  • brushing
  • digital printing
  • etching
  • casting
  • (laser) engraving
  • lacquering
  • polishing, burnishing
  • embossing
  • sublimation
  • nickel plating
  • sandblasting
  • screen printing

Metal finishes:

  • drilling (holes)
  • curving
  • facet edge
  • (contour) milling
  • PU-coating
  • corner rounding
  • cutting
  • punching


  • adhesive (3M, 3M468, Lohmann)
  • welding bolts
  • press bolts
  • mounting pins